Not your typical bride....

Meet Daria MacClellan, Indie film critic--big, beautiful, rebellious and most comfortable in a monster movie T-shirt and blue jeans. When she meets the man she wants to marry she never expects her anorexic, control freak older sister to be planning the wedding. Can Daria survive the horror of pinkness that just won't quit? Or will she become The Bride of the Living Dead?

Bride of the Living Dead 'live" at Live Journal

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't look back....oops too late!

I'll be dusting off the time machine (well, I already did, but that's how time travel works) and heading back 25 years at Stacy Juba's blog. The post is for Monday but it's already up today (Sunday). Did I say,"that's how time travel works?" Oh, yeah, I guess I did.
25 years ago today

Friday, June 11, 2010

Book Blog Tour Progress Report

I'm about half way through the virtual events listed below, and it's been fun so far ranging all over the map with topics from writing to food. Heidi M. Thomas's blog had a guest immediately following me who had written about Tennessee Walking Horses and I couldn't help commenting on that. Nothing to do with my book, or my life now, but a fond memory. When my schedule cools down a little I will list some of the places that aren't mentioned on the schedule, but one that comes to mind immediately is Book Birth Announcement on Body Impolitic