Not your typical bride....

Meet Daria MacClellan, Indie film critic--big, beautiful, rebellious and most comfortable in a monster movie T-shirt and blue jeans. When she meets the man she wants to marry she never expects her anorexic, control freak older sister to be planning the wedding. Can Daria survive the horror of pinkness that just won't quit? Or will she become The Bride of the Living Dead?

Bride of the Living Dead 'live" at Live Journal

Friday, May 7, 2010

Adventures with the Bride in Book Blog Tourland

The official publication date for Bride of the Living Dead is June 1, but our first event is in mid-May. Comments or questions during any of these blog events are warmly welcomed!

Live as of May 14 an interview and Shōn Bacon’s review are posted at ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING )! Shōn, author-editor-educator-everywoman posed some thoughtful questions and reviewed Bride of the Living Dead This was a fun interview and I am happy that Bride got her CLG stamp of approval!

June 1 I’ll kick off the month of June with a visit to Marian Allen’s blog where I understand we can talk about “This, that and a whole lot of the other” (sounds like fun) at Marian Allen This also happens to fall on "Foodie Tuesday" which can't be bad!

June 3 brings a visit with Heidi M. Thomas, journalist, editor, writing teacher and author of Cowgirl Dream, at her blog HeidiWriter

June 9 We’ll have a Pearlsong Conversation via telephone at 12:00 Eastern time (9:00 a.m. Pacific—I’m bringing along a cup of coffee) with Pearlsong Press founder, Peggy Elam, Ph.D, perhaps some other Pearlsong authors. Everyone is welcome to call in and chat, we usually have some fun. Click this link Pearlsong Conversations for where and how to call.

June 17 I’ll visit Helen Ginger, freelance novel editor, who provides an informational and interactive blog for writers. The ideal place to talk about revisions, a subject dear to my heart. Gotta love Helen’s blog title Straight from Hel

June 23 and it's time to visit Dana Fredsti, self-described as, “mystery novel, short story and screenplay writer, B-movie actress (okay, C movie actress), zombie aficionado, exotic and domestic feline advocate, swordfighter, wine lover and beach glass junkie.” Sounds like fun. Not that anyone's counting, but I think she has more cats than I do and not everyone can say that! My formerly feral felines approve of her cat work (did that sound wrong?)
Dana Fredsti

June 28 I’ll visit Stacy Juba’s blog Stacy Juba, she’s a former journalist with more than a dozen writing awards to her credit and her theme (coincidentally the title of her mystery novels) Twenty-Five Years Ago Today. Fortunately I’ve got my 1985 calendar with notes!